The Scope of Research

Military University of Technology is a scientific unit, prepared to conduct comprehensive research work in the field of basic research, development and implementation as well as to provide technical advice in the field of modern technologies, expert opinions, scientific opinions and qualification studies for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, public institutions and enterprises.


The activity of the Military University of Technology is conducted on the basis of the latest research equipment operated by highly qualified personnel. The Military University of Technology, as a leading research and development centre in Poland, conducts advanced research on radar technologies, information and network systems, cryptology, multispectral observation systems, navigation, classical and missile weaponry, avionics, remote sensing, night vision, thermovision, sensors and recognition systems, effective power and energy control sources, material engineering, nanotechnology, photonics, medicine and biotechnology, and environmental protection.


Cooperation with industry is implemented in the areas of threat monitoring, diagnostics and exploitation of infrastructure, chemistry and materials engineering, nanotechnology and biomedical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, geodesy and construction, computer science, mechatronics and optoelectronics and IT support for decision making and crisis management.


The WAT created interdisciplinary unique research and certification laboratories, including biometrics, cryptology, thermovision, avionics, lidar technologies, satellite and space technologies and electromagnetic compatibility.