Exchange students Erasmus+


The opportunity to study abroad offers students a chance to experience different walks of life in foreign countries with rich history and culture. Cross-cultural awareness is the key to the process of European integration. The Erasmus+ program offers a unique opportunity to learn how to effectively cope in an international environment, how to communicate across linquistic, cultural, geographical and political borders.


The Military University of Technology (MUT) located in Warsaw, Poland is a state polytechnic university established in 1951. For over 50 years MUT has gained experience, national and international prominence as a top-tier technological research university. Nowadays, MUT is one of the leading centers for didactics and science in Poland.


The MUT structure is based on seven faculties: Faculty of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electronics, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Logistics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechatronics and Aviation, Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Chemistry and independent Institute of Optoelectronics.  All faculties are engaged in educational and research activities. Each faculty is entitled to give a Ph.D. degree.


MUT follows the directives of European Federation of National Engineering Associations. The model of studies, curricula and syllabuses introduced at the University comply with European Federation of National Engineering Society standards. MUT offers high quality studies for both military and civilian students on every academic level ( bachelor, engineer, master, postgraduate, Ph.D.), as well as specialized courses for professional technical staff from various companies.


Civilian students and graduates of MUT do not have any legal commitments to the Polish armed forces.




The University campus is located at the western border of Warsaw in proximity of the Kampions National Park. The city centre is within easy reach by public transportation. It is planned as a self-sufficient town with social infrastructure, dormitories, gastronomic and sport facilities, banks, stores, a hotel and a post office.




MUT has been participating in Longlife Learning Programme “ Erasmus” science 2002. European Credit Transfer System ( ECTS) is applied to encourage students to acquire education and experience at different schools around Europe . Foreign students from nearly 60 European universities can study at MUT within the Erasmus framework.




  • Find out if your university has an Erasmus agreement with WAT
  • Contact your Erasmus Coordinator for directions
  • Students who have been qualified to participate in Erasmus+ program by their Home Universities should be officially nominated for an exchange period by email sent to
  • All nominated students must apply via IRK online system
  • Complete the Learning Agreement (Please prepare your Learning Agreement according to the guidelines of your Home University using OLA (Online Learning Agreement) or your local system connected to EWP. Your Learning Agreement will be transferred directly to our system via EWP)
  • Check accommodation possibilities at WAT and in Warsaw
  • Check students living expenses in Warsaw (approx. 450 euro/month)




  • Transcript of Records from recent studies a copy of the most recently obtained university diploma (issued in English or Polish)
  • Language Certificate proving at least a B1 level of Polish or English
  • Military University of Technology Application Form (signed and stamped by a representative of the applicant’s home institution)
  • Scan of a passport or national ID
  • An official photo (passport format).




  • Erasmus code: PL WARSZAW33 
  • Number ECHE 2021-2027: 1531903 
  • Organization ID (OID): E10209045
  • Participant Identification Code (PIC): 999887835
  • SCHAC code:





Incoming students will receive a student card that allows:

  • to access MUT‘s buildings and other facilities,
  • a free access to sport facilities,
  • to register at the library,
  • to obtain a discount on public transportation.




MUT does not provide accommodation to nonmilitary students.





30 June – application submission deadline for Winter Semester
30 November – application submission deadline for Summer Semester
Beginning of October – academic year starts
25 December-2 January – Christmas
First half of February – fall semester exams
Second half of February – winter holidays
April – a week off for Easter
Beginning of May – Juwenalia
Last week of June – spring semester exams
July-September – summer holidays



Erasmus Office
Karol Wilk

ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warszawa

Students applying for the Erasmus programme are allowed to choose courses from one faculty only.
It is not possible to attend courses conducted by more than one faculty.

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator

If you have any questions or would like to get more information about the Military University of Technology please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


Karol Wilk, MA

phone +48 261 837 988
fax +48 261 839 159


If you want to find out more about the study program, please contact respective faculty coordinators:


Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Chemistry: Dorota Węgłowska, PhD. Eng,

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy: Marcin Małek, PhD. Eng,

Faculty of Cybernetics: Janina Lach, MA,

Faculty of Electronics: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, MA,

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: lieutenant colonel Krzysztof Gocman, PhD. Eng,

Faculty of Mechatronics, Armament and Aerospace: lieutenant colonel Konrad Wojtowicz, PhD. Eng,

Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management: Łukasz Nyszk, PhD,

Institute of Optoelectronics: lieutenant Bartosz Bartosewicz, MA Eng,

Military Coordinator: lieutenant colonel Grzegorz Waszkiewicz, PhD,

Welcome at WAT!