Postgraduate studies MBA


The mission of the MBA studies offered is to educate versatile and creative specialists for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, the Ministry of National Defense and special services, knowledge-based economy and information society in the field of cybersecurity management, contributing to the development of cyberspace security techniques and technologies and the national economy. This applies in particular to counteracting threats in cyberspace. The studies will prepare future managerial staff by transferring knowledge in the field of managing institutions that are part of the country's cybersecurity system, projects and technological aspects, shaping skills and improving social competences at the highest level.


MBA studies in the field of Cybersecurity


MBA postgraduate studies in cybersecurity are addressed to people who want to improve their skills related to the broadly understood cybersecurity.


Studies intended for people with higher education and specific experience in managerial positions, professionally dealing with aspects of cybersecurity. Studies are conducted in Polish (80% of classes) and English (20% of classes), in cooperation with the University of Genoa (Italy) and NATO CIA.


The studies are conducted with the participation of a foreign partner, which is the University of Genoa, and an employee of one of the NATO agencies. Lecturers from this university will lead one subject in each semester. These subjects will be carried out in English language.


MBA postgraduate studies provide knowledge, skills and competences incl. in terms of:


  • cyber security systems
  • contemporary digital threats
  • management information strategies
  • legal aspects of cybersecurity
  • national cybersecurity system
  • security of information systems
  • network security systems
  • the theory of "information warfare"
  • NATO's cyber defense policy.


The curriculum for the MBA postgraduate studies includes subjects carried out in the form of lectures, exercises, laboratories and seminars, and a final exam.


The studies last 2 semesters and are extramural. They will be conducted in the form of 8 Saturday-Sunday meetings in each semester.


The MBA postgraduate study program in cybersecurity management includes 252 hours of teaching, within 10 subjects.


Beginning of education at postgraduate MBA studies in cybersecurity management.


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