WAT is a university unique on the country scale, where scientists work on the cutting edge solutions implemented by the military and civil industry. WAT creates technologies used in practice.


It was here in 1963 that the first Polish laser was created. In 2012 scientists from the Institute of Optoelectronics built LIDAR. This device installed in the Palace of Culture and Science studied the air composition looking for biological contamination over the National Stadium during Euro2012 games.

It was in the WAT that the technology of contactless caries detection was developed, exclusively by means of light. Clinical tests of this solution are excellent.

It was WAT that developed and built the only mobile server room in Poland. In Europe, only companies such as Google or Facebook have such devices.

The Military University of Technology as a trustworthy company coordinates a large European satellite geodesy programme entrusted to us by foreign partners.


WAT provides many services for the army, industry and business. We have an excellent electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, which carries out up to 200 projects per year for the industry. It is also the place where elements of the first Polish electromagnetic weapon are made.

WAT has unique experience in building modern weapons. This is where the world’s most modern modular rifle was designed. MSBS 556 sets global trends.

Chemists from the Military University of Technology are world monopolists in the synthesis of some liquid crystals. They work, among others, for Nikon, Samsung and LG.

WAT constructors have built the fastest robots for special tasks, working for the army and civil services. The Military University of Technology has the best robotics laboratory in Europe.

WAT scientists are developing an ambitious satellite programme.


In the WAT we have the most modern water aerodynamic tunnel. A tunnel just like ours can be found in the NASA laboratory.

The Military University of Technology is the national number one in terms of external sources of financing. Half of the university’s annual budget is money gained “on the market” by its scientists. The school obtains the rest by selling its inventions. For comparison: other Polish universities are financed over 90% from state sources.


MUT is a unique university whose achievements can be compared with the best in the world. Scientists work on solutions that then work perfectly well in practice — in the army and in business.