Information for Foreigners

A foreigner, within the meaning of the provisions of the Polish law, is any person who does not have Polish citizenship. Persons who hold simultaneously a Polish passport (citizenship) and a passport of another country or several other countries are treated by law on the territory of the Republic of Poland as Polish citizens.


The Military University of Technology in its educational offer has a catalog of subjects taught in English for students coming under international exchange programs. Additionally, subjects are taught in English as part of doctoral study programs and educational programs of the Doctoral School of the Military University of Technology.


Foreigners may undertake and complete studies, education at doctoral schools, post-graduate studies, specialist education and other forms of education, and participate in scientific activity or teaching, on the basis of the following: 

  1. international agreements, pursuant to the rules specified therein; 
  2. agreements concluded with foreign entities by higher education institutions, pursuant to the  rules specified therein; 
  3. decision of the minister; 
  4. the decision of the director Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange with regard to its scholarship holders;
  5. the decision of the director of the National Science Centre to allocate financial resources for basic research in the form of a research project, internship or scholarship, selected for funding through competition; 
  6. the administrative decision of the rector, the director of the Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, the director of a research institute or the director of an international institute.


For more details, see Act of 20 July 2018 The Law on Higher Education and Science.


The Act of 20 July 2018 The Law on Higher Education and Science (also called Constitution for Science) is an act that was initiated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education together with the academic community. The aim of the reform was to organize the law on science and higher education in Poland, and thus to create the best conditions for developing the science and competence of the academic staff