Internationalization of the innovation policy is the message of the 2nd Innovation Forum

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Author: Monika Dwulatek
New national and international initiatives related to the development and implementation of innovative technologies for defense were discussed by representatives of the army, science and industry during the second edition of the Armed Forces Innovation Forum, which took place on October 19, 2022 at the Military University of Technology.

The event was organized by the Ministry of National Defense, the Military University of Technology and the National Center for Research and Development. The meeting was attended by representatives of the armed forces, academic and scientific centers, and the arms industry. Among the invited foreign guests were Tina Uudeberg, Undersecretary for Defense Planning of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Emerging Security Challenges of the International Staff at NATO Headquarters, and Stephan Moinard, Director of the Cooperation Department of the International Defense Innovation Agency in France.


The conference was opened by the Rector-Commandant of the Military University of Technology, Col. prof. dr hab. inż. Przemysław Wachulak. "The second edition of the Polish Armed Forces Innovation Forum is designed to familiarize representatives of the Polish Armed Forces, science, research institutes and defense entities with new innovative tools launched in NATO, such as the NATO DIANA defense innovation accelerator and the NATO Innovation Fund, as well as with innovation models. used in countries where the cooperation of defense ministries with venture capital funds, innovation accelerators and start-ups is already commonplace."- explained Col. prof. Przemysław Wachulak.


During the meeting, a letter from Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak was read out. “Scientific, research and development activities are an important element in the process of strengthening the defense capabilities and ensuring the modernity of the armed forces. We strive to increase our military innovation in the field of technology, which is to support modernization activities and equip the Polish army with the most modern equipment solutions. The Armed Forces Innovation Forum is becoming an important cyclical platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and views on research, armaments production and military requirements.” - wrote the Deputy Prime Minister.


According to Marcin Ociepa, Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defense, who participated in the conference, the effects in the area of ​​innovation are possible only thanks to the cooperation of industry, science and the army. As he emphasized, the innovation policy of the Ministry of National Defense, as well as other ministries in other allied countries, should be global, Baltic and public. “We should be very committed to the internationalization of our innovation policy. And we are doing it, today it is the keynote of our Forum.” - Secretary of State Marcin Ociepa emphasized. He added that an exchange of experiences with foreign partners is needed, as well as even greater openness to civil universities and research institutes, as well as to industry and entrepreneurship. When explaining the Baltic dimension of the innovation policy, the minister pointed to the possible greater activity of Russia in this area: “Russia is not withdrawing from the Baltic Sea. Not only is it present there in Königsberg, but also in St. Petersburg, the former capital of the country. In view of NATO's enlargement to include Sweden and Finland, one should expect increased Russian activity in the Baltic Sea, also below the threshold of the war.” According to the minister, it is important to develop the capabilities of the navy and the national security system to protect critical maritime infrastructure and ports.


The Military University of Technology was represented in expert panels by Col. dr inż. Rafał Kasprzyk from the Faculty of Cybernetics and Col. dr inż. Tomasz Muszyński from the Analysis and Expertise Team.