Awards for outstanding cadets

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For very good academic results and performance of official tasks, 59 students of the Military University of Technology were awarded the "Exemplary Cadet" badge. This is how the last semester at the university was summed up during the ceremonial appeal.
The badge and the ID card for the title of "Exemplary Cadet" were presented to the students by the Vice-Rector for Military Affairs, Colonel Grzegorz Kaliciak. The distinction is awarded for obtaining positive grades in exams and credits, achieving an average grade and very good performance of official tasks. For the first time, 20 candidates for professional soldiers were distinguished in this way, and again 39.

During the ceremony, 49 cadets were awarded the Military Mountain Badge of the 21st Podhale Rifle Brigade, 3rd degree. The award was given by the Brigade Commander on the basis of the decision of the Minister of National Defense. The badge is awarded after completing the qualification for the Military Mountain Badge of the 21st Podhale Rifle Brigade.

The appeal was also an occasion to hand over to the soldiers serving in the Academy the deeds of appointments to higher military ranks. Four officers and one non-commissioned officer were promoted.

Colonel Grzegorz Kaliciak, Vice-Rector for Military Affairs, addressing the soldiers, drew attention to the current situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. He thanked the fifth-year cadets for the act of solidarity with the soldiers and officers guarding Polish borders. Due to the Officer Cadet's Day celebration, this year the cadets resigned from organizing the Cadet Ball. It has been held cyclically for many years. The vice-rector for military affairs emphasized that this gesture was an act of understanding and maturity of cadets in the face of the situation in which our country found itself.