International Defense Industry Exhibition. Defender award and distinction for the Military University of Technology products.

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The Perun autonomous wheeled vehicle for reconnaissance and combat tasks, created with the participation of the Military University of Technology, was awarded the prestigious Defender award. A special distinction of the Program Council of the competition was granted to the bot detection system in the BotTROP corporate network, developed by scientists from the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology.
The awards were presented on September 9, 2022 during the 30th International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce. The statuette for the BotTROP system was collected by Col. prof. dr hab. inż. Przemysław Wachulak, Rector-Commandant of the Military University of Technology.
Defender is the most important award of the Polish defense industry. It is awarded to products distinguished by originality and innovation in technical and technological ideas, operational values ​​and favorable economic indicators. The products submitted for the award are assessed by the Competition Committee, which includes members of the Program Council, including the management staff of the logistics of the Polish Army and the services of the ministries of individual ministries.

The Defender-awarded autonomous wheeled vehicle for reconnaissance and combat tasks Perun was created as part of a project carried out by Zakłady Mechaniczne "Tarnów" S.A. (leader), the Military University of Technology and the Białystok company STEKOP S.A. At the Military University of Technology, the project was managed by dr inż. Kamil Wacławik. The vehicle has a remotely controlled weapon module with a machine gun as well as deterrence and tracking systems.
The armed unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to conduct reconnaissance in direct contact with troops, including the penetration of dangerous and inaccessible places, as well as to carry out fire support tasks for infantry and special forces. It can perform difficult and dangerous missions in all weather conditions. It will also perfectly support the protection of troops and facilities important for the security and defense of the state.

The distinguished bot detection system in the BotTROP corporate network is used to collect network traffic and its subsequent analysis in terms of identifying devices infected with malware. The program is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to fight one of the biggest threats in cyberspace - botnets. A botnet is a network of computers infected with malware, in which a hacker remotely controls machines (without the knowledge and consent of the actual owners) in order to send spam, spread malware, conduct DDoS attacks, and spread disinformation based on social networks. To achieve this, he must use as many bots as possible.
The system was created as a result of the doctoral dissertation of Lt. dr inż. Hubert Ostap under the supervision of dr hab. inż. Ryszard Antkiewicz from the Institute of Information Systems, Faculty of Cybernetics, Military University of Technology.

Ewa Jankiewicz
Foto: Mariusz Maciejewski