Role of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces


The Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces (Chief GS PAF) is immediately subordinate to the Minister of National Defense of Poland


The Chief GS PAF is responsible for:

1.    Command authority over the Polish Armed Forces - PAF (temporarily with exception of the Territorial Defense Forces until they reach Full Operational Capability).

2.    PAF strategic deployment planning.

3.    Planning of the PAF Wartime Command Structures organization and operation.

4.    PAF mobilization and strategic employment planning.

5.    Preparing the PAF to defend the country and to participate in operations abroad.

6.    Defining main operational and training objectives for the PAF.

7.    Ensuring the PAF mobilization and combat readiness.

8.    PAF long term development program.

9.    PAF expenditure plan; participation in budget planning.

10.  PAF logistic system coordination.

11.  Representing the PAF in the high level military bodies.

12.  Advising the Minister of National Defense, Ministry of Defense state secretaries and undersecretaries on the matters pertaining to PAF operations and activities.

13.  Preparing and maintaining secondary command posts for the President, the Prime Minister, as well as ministers and governmental institutions designated by the Prime Minister.

14.  Protection of critical infrastructure and facilities.


The Chief GS PAF is supported by the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, with immediately subordinate units, as well as other designated units and institutions.