First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces

Lieutenant General Pilot PhD Tadeusz Mikutel

Born on January 17, 1963 in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Certified officer of the Polish Air Force, posesses a PhD in the field of engineering. Brig Gen Pilot Mikutel was personally involved in the establishment and commended the first Polish Tactical Aviation Squadron, which replied NATO Air Force standards (7 Tactical Aviation Squadron in Powidz). From 2008 to 2011, he implemented the C-130E Hercules transport aircraft exploitation program in the Air Force. During the 35-year of professional military service he acquired skills, experience and general knowledge that led him to management and command positions in the Polish Air Force. Master class pilot and instructor performing flights on Su-22 aircraft.



Air Force Officers’ School, Dęblin (1981-1985). Squadron Officers’ Course, Dęblin (1989). National Defence University, Warsaw, higher command and staff studies at the Faculty of Aircraft and Air Defense, title of qualified officer (1992–1994). Royal Canadian Air Force Staff Course in Canadian School of Aerospace Studies (Winnipeg, Manitoba) (1996). Unit Commanders’ Course, National Defence University, Warsaw (1997). NATO Integration Course, National Defence University, Warsaw (2002). US Air University, Air War College, Maxwell AFB (Alabama, USA) - post-graduate studies in defense policy, master's degree in strategic studies (2008). Poznań University of Technology - PhD in Engineering (2015).


The course of professional military service:

Pilot, 45 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Babimost (1985-1987). Senior pilot in 6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Piła (1987-1989). Flight Commander, 6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Piła (1989-1990). Squadron Intelligence Officer, 6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment (1990-1991). Squadron Deputy Commander, 6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Piła (1992). Navigator-Programmer, 6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Piła (1994). Squadron Commander, 6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Piła (1995-1997). Deputy Regiment Commander, 7 Bomber- Reconnaissance Air Regiment, Powidz (1997-1999). Unit Commander (independent squadron), 7 tactical fighter squadron, Powidz (2000-2001). Deputy Chief Air Force Department, 3 Air Defence Corps, Wrocław (2001-2002). Staff officer, Polish National Military       Representative to SHAPE, Mons, Belgium (2002-2005). Commander, 33 Air Base Powidz (2005-2007). Commander 3-rd Airlift Wing, Powidz (2008-2011). Commander 1-st Tactical Air Wing, Świdwin (2011-2015). Chief of Staff, Armed Forces Operational Command, Warsaw (2015-2017) and subsequently Deputy Commander, Armed Forces Operational Command, Warsaw (2017-2020).

From 20 January 2020, the 1st Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces.


Appointments for subsequent military grades:

Second Lieutenant (1985)

Lieutenant (1988)

Captain (1991)

Major (1996)

Lieutenant Colonel (2000)

Colonel (2005)

Brigadier General (2008)

Major General (2018)

Lieutenant General (2020)


Decorations and medals:

Brązowy Krzyż Zasługi (1997)

Lotniczy Krzyż Zasługi (2009)

Srebrny Medal za Długoletnią Służbę (2012)

Brązowy, Srebrny, Złoty Medal „Za Zasługi dla Obronności Kraju” (1992, 2004, 2009)

Brązowy, Srebrny, Złoty Medal „Siły Zbrojne w Służbie Ojczyzny” (1990, 2001, 2011)

Srebrny Medal za Zasługi dla Policji (2013)


Other awards:

 „Buzdygan” for demonstrating that Polish pilots - thanks to their talents, skills and sacrifice - are able to match the best airmen in the world, the Polish Armed Forces award (1999).

„Błękitne Skrzydła” for participation in the introduction of Polish military aviation to the NATO structures and 30-year Su-22 aircraft operation, “Skrzydlata Polska” and the Board of the National Aviation Council award (2014).



Meritorious Military Pilot of the Republic of Poland - Zasłużony Pilot Wojskowy RP (2013)