University Club

The University Club activities constitute a significant element of cadets and civilian students’ cultural and educational life. It performs instructor –methodological as well as socio-educational tasks. The University Club is located at the Educational Unit of the University and it is open to cooperation with other cultural and creative institutions. The University Club possesses facilities where cultural and educational events  are held, including various military ceremonies.
Main activities of the University Club involve:
  • participation in competitions and reviews of amateur creativity
  • organization of author meetings
  • organization of photographic exhibitions and painting vernissages
  • organization of film projections
  • organization of musical performances and concerts
  • participation in the organization of special and military events
  • presence on social networks
Regular projects involve:
  • participation in soldier and patriotic song festivals
  • participation in photo competitions
  • blood donation campaigns
  • author meetings
  • musical evenings
  • chess games
  • organization of exhibitions
  • theatre trips
  • historical and military trips
Weekly timetable of events involves:
  • chess meetings
  • dancing meetings
  • movie nights
  • meetings of the choir members
  • meetings of the Photo Club Members
  • playing instruments: individual and in a band
  • meetings of computer games lovers
The University Club-based events include:
  • training courses for personal units from the Dęblin garrison
  • scheduled classes for cadets and civilian students
  • military and university ceremonies
  • statutory meetings of the Polish Military Aviation Senior Association
  • educational theater performances for children and youth from Dęblin and the surrounding area
Ms Agnieszka Bazyluk
phone:+ 48 261 517 248