Tactical Air Control Party Training Center

TC provides the training in simulated virtual environment using:

  • The Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AAJTS),
  • Joint Fires Support Simulator – deployable.

Both simulators are designed to meet the requirements for JTACs, JFOs and pilots CAS training and are accredited by combined NATO and US accreditation team (NATO AIRCOM HQ CAS Capability Section and the US Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee).

AAJTS uses a 3 meters semi-dome screen with 220° FOV with connected replica of a JTAC real field equipment. AAJTS simulates variety of aircraft, weapons, artillery and effects on the ground.

Joint Fires Support Simulator uses Vitrual Battlespace 2/3 software (VBS 2/3) and is a laptop based, deployable simulator with a flat screen.  It simulates a wide spectrum of equipment and missions, including Full Motion Video equipment, artillery Call for Fire and co-operation with remote observers.