Ground Controlled Intercept Training Center


A set of electronic devices and computer programs imitating processes, devices and procedures found in real phono-visual guidance systems for aircraft intercepting air targets. It is designed for initial training and improving the skills of ground controllers in navigational security of aircraft and procedural control of interceptors in various phases of the ground controlling process. The ability to determine the flight parameters of aircraft, as well as understanding the principles of operation of radar stations is extremely important before training on the further type of a simulator.



It is designed to conduct training and training based on the imitated air situation, closely related to real situation.  The conducted training also includes cooperation of ground controlling stations with ATS units and other elements of the aviation environment. The great advantage of the simulator training is a high level of reality which provides the opportunity to create and edit any exercise scenarios. The training of candidates for ground controllers and practical training for ground controllers
are aimed at maintaining and improving the level of practical training results.