Air Traffic Services Personnel Training Organization

ATSPTO utilizes a modern Air Traffic Control Simulator, that encompasses modern and effective ways to train air traffic controllers, complying with the latest demands in the simulation industry. It is a modular and flexible system that is used to simulate a wide range of air traffic control operations. It can simulate different stages of flight control as: approach, tower, and ground control. For tower and ground, the simulator provides a full 3D module allowing a realistic view of the airport. For the final approach, the simulator is also fitted with Precision Approach Radar (PAR) simulation, emulating the scope of the GCA 2000 system.

The simulator is fitted with a large range of tools in order to simulate different control situations, working positions and environment: high quality airport visual scenes, realistic time-of-day and weather simulation, extensive aircraft model database, emergency support like landing gear failure, engine or cabin smoke or fire, bird strike; airport, aircraft and vehicle lighting.