Ground Controlled Intercept Training Center

The main aim of the centre is to train qualified personnel whose professional skills fulfil high demands and changing activity of the contemporary battlefield.  The centre performs mainly tasks connected with the practical training of ground controllers. The centre has operational facilities for trainees and simulator’s operators. There are two types of simulators used for the ground controllers’ practical training. 


Aims of training

- to teach how to behave when performing tasks at operational positions;
- to acquire the principles and skills of determining aircraft flight parameters based on radar and other electronic imaging elements;
- to create spatial imagination, divisibility of attention as well as to teach the principles of coordination and cooperation with ATS units and other elements of the air environment;
- to prepare to make independent decisions in stressful situations and lack of time;

In addition, simulator training allows to improve skills of using standard aviation phraseology in radio correspondence, and teaches to control voice and behaviour in unusual and dangerous situations. By completing all these tasks, the trainee is able to create and develop personality traits required for working as a ground controller.