Rector-Commandant's Welcome Address

Ladies and Gentlemen! 
Welcome to the official website of the Polish Air Force University (Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa – LAW) – the higher education institution celebrating the 95th anniversary of its foundation. The Air Force Officer School was established on 5 November 1925 in the town of Grudziądz in place of the Higher School of Military Pilots and after 18 months it was moved to its present location in Dęblin. Throughout the 95 years of existence the School of Eaglets has repeatedly changed its name, structure, faculties and fields of study. The curricula as well as theoretical and practical flight training methods have always been adapted to the actual needs, requirements and circumstances, however, the main school objective - to prepare the highly qualified personnel for the needs of the Polish Air Force, has remained unchanged. The involvement and the accomplishments of the Polish military pilots both in times of the WW II as well as in times of peace, during foreign military missions, international military exercises, parades and numerous air-shows organized in Poland and abroad, prove that this objective has been achieved. The famous alumni of the school include, among others, the WW II ace pilots Mirosław Ferić, Witold Łokuciewski, Jan Zumbach, Wacław Król, Władysław Gnyś, Bolesław Gładych, Witold Urbanowicz, the Silent Unseen Zygmunt Policiewicz alias Świerk, or the first Polish astronaut Mirosław Hermaszewski. At present the Polish Air Force University is a modern higher education institution which offers study programmes for military and civilian students, full-time, part-time and post-graduate studies, professional development courses and Officer Career Development programmes. In the School of Eaglets military cadets earn their spurs as fighter jet, helicopter and transport aircraft pilots, Ground-Controlled Interception (GCI) Controllers, Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots-operators and logistics engineers. For the civilian students we have prepared four fields of studies, namely Aviation and Aeronautics, Navigation, National Security and Logistics. However, what has never changed over those 95 years is that the School of Eaglets has always been and will always be the School of Dreams even though those dreams in fact have been changing over time. In the beginning those were the dreams just about flying and later about flying for the Independent Poland. For years young people were dreaming about learning to fly the ISKRA Jet and about becoming professional military pilots flying MIG Jet Fighters and today they can already dream about the flight training in the modern M-346 BIELIK Advanced Jet Trainer and flying the F-16 or, in the very near future, the F-35 Fighter. I wish all of you every success in both your private and professional life. I look forward to a successful cooperation aiming at the continuous development of our university. I am confident that together we will contribute to the reinforcement of its unique position worked way to the top by the generations of our predecessors. 

Brig. Gen. Pil. Krzysztof CUR, PhD, Eng