Military Division

The Military Division is an organizational unit of the university which is subordinated to the Vice-Rector for Military Affairs. The Military Division within its organizational structure includes: the Professional Development Section and the Planning Section. 
The Military Division is responsible for:       
  • preparing complex data for Commandant’s decision making.        
  • managing the development of orders and other documents including Commandant’s or his superiors’ decisions regulating the functioning of the university as a military unit.
  • developing and managing preparation and execution of development mobilization of the university as well as achieving readiness for action taking.
  • organizing and maintaining readiness of the alarm and notification system as well as execution of duty services and inspections.
  • overall managing mobilization and complementation planning for the university as well as cooperating with Voivodeship Military Headquarters.
  • coordinating crisis management at the university.
  • planning and providing training for the mobilization reserves.
  • planning, organizing and supervising the university complementary trainings.
  • preparing the university planning documents.
  • planning and coordinating military communication and IT systems used at the university.
  • planning, organizing and performing the general military training and supervising execution of disciplinary regulations.
Professional Development Section 
  • planning and coordinating courses and trainings for Polish army officers and candidates for soldiers.
  • presenting the university educational courses and trainings offer.
  • cooperating with the Ministry of National Defense and other military units as concerns the preparation of the university educational offer.
  • organizing and coordinating professional practical courses and trainings for students.
  • coordinating the development of teaching programs.
  • supervising issues connected with accommodation and alimentation of military students taking part in courses and trainings.
Planning Section
The Planning Section is an internal organizational unit of the Professional Development Section designed to plan didactic courses as well as to act as a POC for national military students and candidates for officers who participate
in courses and trainings.
  • planning courses and trainings for each academic year.
  • planning teaching process and classes timetable.
  • administering courses and trainings (issuing certificates, other official documents related to studies).
  • planning the recruitment process of military teaching staff.
Commander of Military Division
Col. Zbigniew KRZYSZCZUK
phone +48 261 519 129 
Commander of Professional Development Section
Lt. Col. Piotr KAŁUŻA
phone: +48 261 517 707