• Application process
    Academic year 2022/2023
    • autumn/winter semester 2022/2023: 1st July 2022
    • spring/summer semester 2022/2023: 1st December 2022

    Please, send electronic version of all required application documents to the following e-mail address no later than the dates specified above:
    Application Form – signed file format;
    Learning Agreement for Studies signed and stamped by the Sending Institution – pdf. file format;
    Cover Letter- pdf. file format;
    Official ‘Transcript of Records’ in English, with enclosed a grading /credit system of the Institution, signed by a representative of the Department of the Sending Institution - pdf. file format;
    ID colour photo- jpeg. file format of the photo, size 300 x 375.;
    Passport/ID card copy–pdf. file format;
    Copy of the EU health insurance card- pdf. file format;
    Document confirming knowledge of English (minimum B2 level) – pdf. format file;
    Accommodation Form - pdf. file format.
    Please note, that as soon as you get accepted for studies at the Polish Air Force University (PAFU) within the Erasmus+ program, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and confirmed by our side the Learning Agreement for Studies.
  • Organization of the academic year
    autumn/winter semester:  1st October 2021 - 14th February 2022
    winter holiday Christmas break: 23rd December 2021 - 3rd January 2022
    winter examination session: 1st February 2022 - 14th February 2022
    spring/summer semester: 15th February 2022 - 30th September 2022
    spring holiday Easter break: 15th April 2022 - 19th April 2022
    summer examination session: 15th June 2022 - 25th September 2022 (except July and August)
    summer holiday break: since the date of successful completing by a student the summer examination session until 30th September 2022
    11th November 2021 – Independence Day
    3rd May 2022 – Constitution Day
    16th June 2022 - Corpus Christi – Catholic Holiday
  • ECTS system
    The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) for making studies and courses more transparent and thus helping to enhance the quality of higher education. Its objective is to facilitate the planning, delivery and evaluation of study programs and student mobility by recognizing learning achievements and qualifications and periods of learning. Credit transfer is the key to successful study mobility. Institutions, faculties, departments may make agreements which guarantee automatic recognition and transfer of credits. The use of ECTS credits is facilitated and quality enhanced by the supporting documents (Course Catalogue, Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and Work Placement Certificate). ECTS also contributes to transparency in other documents such as the diploma Supplement.
    ECTS Credits
    1 full academic year = 60 credit points
    1 full semester = 30 credit points
    3 months semester = 20 credit points
    After passing a subject and getting at least a satisfactory result, an international exchange Erasmus+ student will be given ECTS credit points as it was stated in the Learning Agreement for Studies.
    ECTS Grade
    ZAL. - PASS without a grade
    A/5 - EXCELLENT – outstanding performance with only minor errors
    B/4,5 - VERY GOOD – above the average standard but with some errors
    C/4 - GOOD – generally sound work with a number of notable errors
    D/3,5 - SATISFACTORY – fair but with a number of notable errors
    E/3 - SATISFACTORY – fair but with significant shortcomings
    F/2 - FAIL
  • Accommodation
    Polish Air Force University (PAFU) has got a dormitory available at its premises. If you wish to stay in the dormitory, please fill in the Accommodation form and send it with other application documents. In the dormitory there are equipped kitchen and a laundry available.
  • Medical assistance
    In case of emergency situations, there is a doctor and paramedics available at the premises of the Polish Air Force University (PAFU) located at the Chancellor's section of the University (Chancellor's Division, building no. 23 room no.3).
    Contact details
    Doctor: Kamil Sawko
    phone:+48 261 518 282,
    Paramedic: Grzegorz Białomyzy
    phone:+48 261 518 282,
    Please, note that next to the University (5 minutes’ walk), there is also a surgery and a hospital:
    In case of the emergency situation concerning student's health problem or to make an appointment at the surgery, the students must immediately contact the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator or Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinators or other people responsible and approved by the Erasmus+ Coordinators for the Erasmus+ students' stay at the PAFU.
  • Catering
    There is also the student’s canteen available at the Polish Air Force University (PAFU) which can host about 200 students. The canteen is opened every day through the whole academic year.
    Price list and opening times
    Breakfast: 12 PLN (about 3,00 EUR)
    opening hours:
    Monday - Friday (6.30 a.m. - 8.00 a.m.)
    weekends: (7.00 a.m. - 8.00 a.m.)
    soup - 3 PLN (about 0,7 EUR);
    soup + main course + juice – 14 PLN (about 3,50 EUR)
    opening hours: Monday - Friday (1.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.)
    weekends: (1.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.)
    Supper: 10 PLN (about 2,00 EUR)
    opening hours:
    Monday - Friday (5.30 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.)
    weekends: (5.30 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.)
  • Transport
    Polish Air Force University (PAFU) - Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa (LAW) is situated in Dęblin - a town which is located near two international airports.
    The main, the biggest and the most popular airport is the Warsaw INTL Chopin Airport ( situated in Warsaw - the capital city of Poland, and it is located about 120 km from Dęblin.
    How to get from the Warsaw INTL Chopin Airport to the city centre in Warsaw?
    • to the Central Railway train station by train:
    • bus (bus line no 175, direction: Dworzec Centralny):
    • bus schedule:
    The next airport located about 80 km from Dęblin is the Lublin INTL Airport
    How to get from the Lublin INTL Airport to?
    • the Lublin Główny train station (PKP):
    • the Lublin Central bus station (Dworzec Główny- PKS) and the Lublin city centre (bus line no 5):
    How to get from the Warsaw city centre to Dęblin?
    The easiest way to arrive to Dęblin from Warsaw is taking a train from the Central Railway station in Warsaw. Train tickets from Warsaw to Dęblin cost about 6 - 10 EUR.
    More information on booking and tickets:
    BY BUS
    You can also get from Warsaw to Dęblin by a direct bus. More information on booking and tickets available at:
    How to get from Lublin to Dęblin?
    BY TRAIN (from the Lublin Główny train Station) More information on booking and tickets available at:
    BY BUS (from the Lublin city centre and Dworzec Główny PKS - Central Bus Stop) More information on booking and tickets available at:,159.html
    If you are planning to arrive by private car, you have to arrive to the address: Street Lotników Polskich 1 - in Dęblin. This is the address of the Main Gate where you are obliged to pick up your Pass Card. The Pass Card is necessary to enter the University area which is a military area.
    How to get from Dęblin to the Main Gate Pass Card Office (Brama Główna - Biuro Przepustek) and the campus of the Polish Air Force University (PAFU)?
    When arrived into Dęblin by train, you can take the bus from the Dworzec PKP bus stop opposite the Dęblin Railway Station (no 31, final bus stop: Rynek Niepodleglości): or take a taxi in order to get to the Military University of Aviation (MUA).
    When arrived into Dęblin by bus (Rynek Niepodległości bus stop), you can walk directly to the main entrance - Brama Główna (Main Gate) and the campus of the Polish Air Force University (about 10 min. walk) or you can simply take a taxi in order to get there.
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