Institute of Navigation

The offered Navigation course provides education based on various modern navigation methods with the use of satellite navigation systems, airspace and air services management as well as the operation of airport navigation infrastructure.

Graduates will obtain general and specialist  competences referring to engineering and social skills.

The Navigation course  prepares high-class specialists responsible for the operation of navigation systems and air traffic management. Our graduates are prepared  
to work in:

  • air traffic management organizations;
  • units of state aviation supervision;
  • enterprises operating and servicing navigation infrastructure, in particular GNSS;
  • administrative departments of transport;
  • transport companies.


Graduates of first degree studies obtain education and professional qualifications to perform functions in institutions related to air transport and its service.

Our graduates also have theoretical preparation for work in the field of air traffic services and air navigation,  using GNSS systems in particular.Graduates of navigation course obtain the title of engineer in accordance with the completed specialization within the course of study. They are prepared for independent work in accordance with the specialty. Furthermore, they have the ability to work in a team and are able to discuss research results as well as formulate their conclusions and opinions.