Institute of Logistics and Transport

Graduates receive a diploma of higher education (BSc or MSc) in Logistics in the selected specialization. In addition, BSc degree courses and  MSc degree courses are also conducted for candidates for professional soldiers who, after graduation from the university, are promoted to a military rank of 2nd Lt after passing the officer’s exam. The graduates are prepared for employment primarily in professions related to the broadly understood aviation industry as well as in the enterprise sector and  military institutions, administration, defense industry and state institutions, services and units using aviation technology. The graduates are provided with education within the specializations:

  • aviation logistics;
  • airport service management;
  • military logistics - general technology;
  • air transport.


  • have extensive knowledge and the ability to analyze complex and dynamic business situations
  • are able to assess the conditions of logistics and rational response to the impact of various external factors and the ability to adapt to new conditions of the legal and business environment
  • have modern knowledge and theoretical foundations in logistics, including the use of the most modern IT tools used in logistics operations
  • are prepared for working in logistics industry, primarily in professions related to the extensively understood aviation industry and in the sector of defense industry as well as institutions, services and state units using aviation technology.

Prospective employment market for the highest qualified graduates include: sectors of the aviation and defense industry, airport management entities, logistics centers, transport companies, military aviation bases, border guard, civil aviation entities, government and local government administration. Other areas of employment of graduates are: scientific and research institutions, implementation centers, higher education and a dynamically developing international transport sector.