Chancellor’s division

The main aim of the organizational units of the Chancellor’s Division is to perform administrative, organizational, financial and economic tasks related to the University activity as well as creating conditions for the University to implement its tasks in accordance with the University regulations.
Chancellor Division consists of:
Financial Department: Chancellor is the head of the Financial Department. The main tasks of the Financial Department include:organizing and conducting economic and financial services of the University, developing draft projects of material and financial plans,reporting.
Public Procurement Department: responsible for organizing and conducting public procurement procedure for the University in accordance with the Public Procurement Law and internal regulations,planning, analysis and reporting including developing a Purchase Plan in cooperation with the Financial Department, based on the needs reported by the University organizational units.
Material Support Department: responsible for managing materials and equipment, logistic support of achieving readiness to take actions and mobilizing development.
Catering Department: responsible for providing cadets and soldiers with full board catering, organizing catering services for the University organizational units, conferences, training events, congresses, commercial events at the premises of the University Conference and Catering Complex, providing organization and functioning of subordinate catering facilities.
Infrastructure Department: responsible for  managing property maintenance conducting investments and renovations, technical service,  managing of the University Student Dormitories and the Training and Recreation Resort Centre, implementing tasks concerning fire protection and environmental protection.
Training and Recreation Resort Centre in Okuninka is located approximately 6 kilometres from the town of Włodawa near the Białe Lake in Okuninka. The centre has 17 summer houses in three standards A, B, C and a small camping site. A summer house can accommodate up to 6 people. Each summer house is equipped with a kitchen annex, toilet and a bathroom.
At the centre, there is also a small area for caravans, a playground for children, a place for a bonfire, a volleyball court, a parking spot, and a floating equipment for rent.
The centre is located in the forest area away from public roads and next to a very clean lake. This is a great place for rest in a pleasant atmosphere.
We invite you to our Training and Recreation Resort Centre in the summer!
Information and booking:
phone: +48 512 259 024