PAFU cadets' participation in the Common Module 'Common Security and Defence Policy'

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“Common Security and Defence Policy” event was hosted in Turin, Italy from 28th February to 4th March 2022 by the School of Applied Military Studies. It was conducted under strict coronavirus precautions. Cadets, young officers and civilian students from Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania attended this one-week event under the European Initiative for the Exchange of Military Young Officers (EMILYO). The Common Module mentioned above focused not only on European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy, but also on its historical evolution. A variety of lectures were conducted by specialised military personnel and academics, during which numerous important issues have been discussed, such as: comprehensive and integrated approach to conflicts and crisis, the EU common foreign and security policy and European Security Strategy, EU military structures, capabilities and operations, history of EU, multinational operations, EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy and many other. Towards the end of the event, cadets, young officers and civilian students were to collaborate with each other in groups focusing on various case studies. Each team was obliged to carry out the presentation on a specific topic connected with multinational operations, military decision-making process in operation abroad, Common Security and Defence Policy and EU history. The course exposed the difficulties associated with interoperability and effective communication to participants, as well as made them aware of the importance of the issues of international security of the European Union and the defence policy of the Member States. The skills gained during the Common Module significantly contributed to broadening the participants' knowledge about the security and defence of the Member States of the European Union and also created the foundations for continuation of their own military and personal development.