'Exchange Week' in Royal Netherlands Military Academy

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Royal Netherlands Military Academy in Breda (the Netherlands) invited our cadets and an escort officer to participate in the event called 'Exchange Week'. The event's main purpose was to familiarize delegations from different countries with the process of education in  the above mentioned Academy, to cooperate and integrate with one another. Each delegation presented their Academy and its process of education, so everyone could learn about  ways of education and military training in other countries. The event was an undoubtful occasion to see Dutch Army's training facilities and to take active part in training based on virtual reality technology. There were also some cultural events and sightseeing, such as a visit in Wings of Liberation Museum and Hague's miniature park 'Madurodam'. At the end of the week, all the group participated in so called "Gala', cadets' day in which they decorate the Academy and take part in formal celebration.