A visit of American guest

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On October 14, 2021, the Aviation Military Academy hosted Division General in Reserve John Gronsky - former Deputy Commander of the US Army in Europe - a specialist in the National Guard.
The aim of the visit of General Gronski in Poland was to make a set of lectures on leadership in commanding on operational and tactical level in voluntary formations and meetings are held in headquarters of Territory Defense Forces as well as military universities.

During lectures conducted by our American guest, there were the Academy employees, headed by Rector-Commandant - Brigadier Pilot Doctor Engineer Krzysztof Cur as well as cadets and soldiers from 2nd Brigade of Territory Defense in Lublin. All participants showed a big interest in the visit and the possibility of buying a book, whose author is the speaker, will enable us to analyze the topic deeply.

After the official part of the visit in the Aviation Military Academy there was a meeting of Rector-Commandant of the Aviation Military Academy with General Gronski, The meeting was held in the Jabłonowski Palace in Dęblin.