First prize in gliding championships

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The representative of the Polish Air Force University, Michał Felisiak, won the first prize in the 49th Polish Junior Gliding Championships in Ostrów Wielkopolski in club B class! The 12 best juniors in Poland were fighting for the podium.
On August 17-29, due to very demanding weather conditions, 5 contests were held, during which the PAFU representative covered over 700 km and spent nearly 15 hours in the glider.
Since I started flying gliders, I have dreamt of participating in competitions. The implementation of this plan began about 3 years ago. During this time, I had the opportunity to take part in many gliding flights with other competitors and learn from better pilots. I tried to get the most out of every flight and every conversation. Certainly, joining the PAFU Gliding Club helped me. When I was going to the Polish Championships, I did not expect such a high result, especially since it was my first championship. On the first day of the event, the low cloud bases and strong wind did not allow anyone to leave the route. After the second "round" I was in the 4th place, then I was winning all the contests until the very end. Due to the short weather windows, these were not long, demanding routes with showers and storms occurring during flight. You had to go to great lengths with low cloud bases to avoid making wrong decisions during the flight and to fly the route efficiently. Many times during the competition I flew differently than others, I trusted my intuition. As it turned out, it was the key element to win the individual contests. Until the event, I had had no practical knowledge of flying in such championships, and I have gained this experience. Along the way, I faced various difficult decisions to make in the air due to the very demanding weather conditions, but in the end I am extremely happy to be the 1st on the podium. I owe my success to the support of my parents, friends from the Kujawski Aeroclub and the PAFU Gliding Club. Special thanks are due to the supervisor of the Club, Lt. Col. Andrzej Jaworski, and my colleague from the Club: Dominik Typek. I hope this is just the beginning of my competitive gliding achievements!