Ceremonial presentation of Standard

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On Monday, October 4, 2021, on the square in front of the monument of Brave Pilots of the Eaglets' School in Dęblin, celebration of the ceremonial presentation of standard for the Aviation Military Academy was held. The founder of the standard is the Public Committee of Standard founders.
The ceremony started with a Holy Mass dedicated to officers, cadets and civilian workers of the Academy. The Mass was conducted the day  before in Garrison Church named Holly Mother from Loretto which is situated in Dęblin.

At 9 in the morning all participants of the ceremony gathered on the square in front of the monument of Brave Pilots of the Eaglets' School in Dęblin, where a ceremonial assembly took place. The assembly was held on the occasion of the standard presentation for the Academy in Dęblin. During the assembly the act of the standard foundation was read by the standard founder representative - Beata Siedlecka the Mayor of Dęblin. An honorary nail was hammered and signatures were made. Next the standard was consecrated by Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical Churches' dignitaries. After that, the act of standard presentation for the Aviation Military Academy was read.

After reading the act, letters from the President of Poland - Andrzej Duda and Minister of National Defense - Mariusz Błaszczak were presented. The letters were dedicated to all participants of the ceremony.

The ceremony was completed by Military Parade.

The Military Standard has a special meaning for soldiers. It is presented when we swear solemnly, it is with us during ceremonies and when we say goodbye finishing our military service - said Rector- Commandant to the ceremony participants. 'This is the standard, which since today, is going to wave with pride in the legendary Eaglets' School, and we - officers of the Aviation Military Academy, heirs to our predecessors, are going to guard it faithfully - said gen. Cur.