The University has three dormitories for students at its premises: “Mewa”, “Dedal” and “Ikar”. “Mewa” is a ten- floor building with 468 beds with double and triple rooms. The building is located within the military area, near the University and its canteen. Accommodation in “Mewa” is available for military and civilian students, international  students and participants of military training courses conducted by the University.
“Dedal” and “Ikar”  are historical buildings situated in the palace and park complex of the Jabłonowski Palace at the premises of the University used for accommodation of its guests. There are 170 beds in total available at hotels premises including double rooms and suites. The hotels are situated near the Rektorat building and a park with a pond nearby. The hotels are used for accommodation of participants of training courses and other guests coming to visit the University. The University can accommodate 630 people in total.