Project consists of four primary activities:

  1. TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETINGS (WORKSHOPS) for the Project Management Teams was organized six times throughout the project duration by Partners . The aim of the workshops is to define a programme of the common courses and to develop educational materials.
    The Project Management Team was formed in each Institution and was consist of four members:
    • Project manager – a coordinator of the Partnership and POC;
    • Two academic experts – tutors responsible for creating course programme and any other intelectual outputs;
    • Project administrator – a person in charge of an efficient internal and external communication and financial issues.


    • program of workshops dedicated to Military Leadership including at least four courses: Stress management - Poland, Leadership and communication - Portugal, Crisis management - Greece, Leadership and motivation - Poland - preparation of the course cards and programme of the International Military Leadership Academy;
    • intensive programme "Leadership in Practise", including evaluation forms for students (leader/commander and his subordinates) and observers (teachers/instructors);
    • e-learning material dedicated to each course;
    • e-book dedicated to each course;
    • 12 interviews with outstanding military officers/commanders - four from each partner country titled "On my way to leadership".


  1. MULTIPLIER EVENTS – such as conferences/seminars.
    • First Multiplier Event was held on 8th – 9th October 2018 in Athens. More informations.
    • Second Multiplier Event will be held on 18 September 2019 in Wroclaw.


    • Learning/teaching/training activities - blended mobility dedicated to twelve (12) students from each Partners institution;
    • Intensive programme dedicated to students participating in the project. This Course was organized by MULF during the second part of the Project. The Course was composed of the theoretical activities (lectures, workshops) and practical outdoor activities;
    • Short-term intensive programme for teachers (training activities for teachers). The aim of this activity is to increase quality of workshops conducted during each courses;
    • Invited visiting teachers from higher education intensive study programmes (associated partners – Italy, USA).



  • The course programme for leadership competencies, common for military academies in the EU;
  • Objective training centres, which will be created by each of the partner institution, with the aim to increase quality of competences of future leaders in the EU;
  • Teaching materials in electronic form (manuals, e-learning, e-books) prepared for each defined course;
  • Dedicated project website;
  • Additional outcome of the project will be establishing of new and closer cooperation between military Higher Education Institutions, exchanging experience and good practices in military education in relation to leadership skills development.