The training program, named by the "International Military Leadership Academy" Partnership, consists of 4 training modules covering the following topics: Stress management; Leadership in Communication; Leadership and motivation - motivating and influencing; Crisis management. The intention of the partners was to develop a comprehensive training program covering the above topics, while reserving the possibility of implementing individual training modules in isolation from each other. The goal of the partnership that has been achieved was to develop the content of education in individual modules to include as many elements as possible common to future EU officers.


IMLA Program 


The intensive program consists of an 80 - hour workshop for all participants of the project, as part of which, in practice, competences recognized by partner universities as key for the leader, the commander will be trained.

The workshop program also includes practical exercises (implemented with the support of the training track), during which the participants of the project will lead an international team.

The intensive course program includes, among others elements and content of education from 4 workshops (Stress Management, Communication Leadership, Leadership and Motivation - Motivating and Influencing, Crisis Management), which students will have to practice in real-time in the test phase of the project. In addition, the intensive course program includes issues and practical exercises in the areas of: command theory, command process, tactics, negotiations, media contact, decision making or group processes.


IMLA Intensive Course 







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