The Leadership Institute is an organisational unit of the Military University of Land Forces competent to organise and conduct teaching under the Vice-Rector for Didactic Affairs, who is responsible for leadership research, education, and military training at the University for students of the first and second cycle studies, long-cycle master's studies, Officer Candidate School, Reserve Personnel Training Courses, NSR officer courses, officer courses for Territorial Defence Force; training and professional development of officers during qualification and further courses and postgraduate studies.




Professional vocational preparation of candidates, especially in terms of leadership skills, for the position of platoon commander and junior officers


Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.

 (Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)


A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. 

 (Douglas MacArthur, American army general)



The operation of the Leadership Institute is part of the strategy of the Military University of Land Forces and its main role is to: 

  • develop leadership skills and educate candidates for professional soldiers in terms of Land Forces and Territorial Defence Force specialisations; 
  • perform research on future possible wars and armed conflicts, which will prepare cadets for the role of commanders and leaders during a modern armed conflict; 
  • verify, acquire and consolidate leadership skills in practice to support the development of leadership skills taught at the Military University of Land Forces; 
  • modify educational programmes to ensure that candidates for professional soldiers have the relevant expertise, leadership skills and qualities, including the number of training hours necessary to enable future soldiers to study and acquire knowledge, as well as promote their own personal development in accordance with individual interests.




Educational ACTIVITIES performed at the Institute:

  • organising and conducting educational activities in the field of military preparation of candidates for professional soldiers to perform duties on their first military position; 
  • educating students to become highly qualified officers with comprehensive military and specialised knowledge and the necessary pedagogical skills and personal culture; 
  • teaching cadets and students particularly important skills and values of an officer, especially command and leadership skills, responsibility, discipline, decision-making and initiative-taking independence, mental resilience and creative tactical problem solving; 
  • participating in developing and updating teaching curricula for times of "peace" and "war" in terms of courses and specialisations according to dedicated learning outcomes; 
  • cooperating with military educational units, training centres and military units in the field of specialised training for cadets and students and the professional development of soldiers to shape and develop leadership skills of future leaders; 
  • cooperating with the headquarters of armed forces and troops, military universities, training centres and military units in the exchange of experience in the field of leadership; 
  • organising scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and training and methodological meetings in the field of leadership; 
  • expanding the teaching infrastructure of the Leadership Institute and the Military University of Land Forces; 
  • collaborating with foreign educational institutions to educate and develop leadership skills.