The JASKIER Driver Training Simulator for KTO Rosomak

This simulator located in the Logistics Departments is a device allowing effective and realistic training of drivers and improving their driving technique in various conditions. It is a faithful copy of the KTO Rosomak driver’s compartment, which facilitates the development of appropriate habits and behaviour.
Its design facilitates training in:
  • the structure and operation of drivers’ compartment mechanisms
  • starting the engine in various conditions
  • moving off and stopping the vehicle on flat and sloped terrain
  • driving along the set medium-difficulty routes
  • driving in various terrain conditions
  • driving in various weather and lighting conditions
  • passing obstacles
  • behaviour during dangerous situations on the road and the battlefield.
The University has the most-advanced version of the device, which means that the simulator’s cabin is mounted on a mobile platform, accurately simulating the movements of the vehicle while driving in various terrain conditions.