RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Laboratory
An ICT radio-frequency identification system for learning how to design material coding processes in logistics using passive transponders. The Laboratory provides access to Comax software (tag programming and reading), BarTender software, NiceLabel software (designing of logistic labels in the GS1 system) and a number of applications for verifying learning outcomes. During the educational process, the students have the opportunity to: learn how to write and read passive transponders, learn the basics of material coding, write logistic labels multiple times (up to 100 thousand times), test the labels under difficult conditions, such as: dirt, humidity, high and low temperatures, presence of chemicals; learn about data encryption and minimisation of errors and workloads for intensive data collection.
The use of radio scanning technology has applications in both military activities (material logistics, transport and forwarding) and civilian activities (logistics centres, transport, internal warehouse handling, distribution, manufacturing and many others).