The upgraded BESKID-2M is a modern simulator for training T-72 tank crews in:
  • using tank equipment
  • moving around the battlefield
  • identifying and recognising targets
  • effective firing
BESKID-2M/K is a stationary device consisting of three modules reflecting the positions of the tank crew – the commander, the gunner and the driver, and also the instructor. The placement, equipment and ergonomics of the tank crew modules correspond to the actual layout of the vehicle. The simulators were equipped with equipment and subsystems simulating those of the T-72 tank, which provide the functionality identical to the real systems. Thanks to the solutions employed, the simulator offers access to an extensive selection of objects, including several thousand armaments models. It also has an extended scenario editor making it possible to modify the mission on the fly.
The system also facilitates integration with other simulators, enabling, i.a. training a platoon of tank crews by combining 4 BESKID-2M/K simulators. Integration with other simulation systems compatible with the DIS HLA protocol is also possible.
The modernised BESKID-2 M/K simulator is a product of cooperation between Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne S.A. and OBRUM sp. z o.o.