Visiting the National Defence Academy of Latvia

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Between 29 November and 3 December 2021, a Tactical Course Syndicate was held at the National Defence Academy of Latvia, which is a part of the Academy's curriculum for development of leadership competences of cadets.
During the syndicate, lecturers from the AWL's Leadership Institute, Lieutenant Colonel Piotr Pietrakowski, Ph.D., and Reserve Major Gustaw Michalewski, Ph.D., held a series of lectures on the topics of leadership and decision-making process at the tactical level.

During the second part of the syndicate, our lecturers conducted practical training for cadets as part of negotiation workshops organised by Colonel Harald Gell, Doctor Habilitatus.

Written by: Lieutenant Colonel Piotr Pietrakowski, Ph.D.
Photos: (OR-5) Zanda Puče, Latvian National Defense Academy