A representative of the University of Defense in Brno conducted classes for cadets staying at AWL

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From 21 to 25 March 2022, students and cadets studying at Military University of Land Forces as part of the 2022 International Semester participated in "Electronic Warfare" classes conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Petr Hlavizna.
Lieutenant Colonel is a member of staff at the Department of Intelligence Support at the University of Defence in Brno and an expert in electronic warfare, whose areas of interest also include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Throughout the week of intensive study, students became familiar with issues including the role of electronic warfare as an aspect of the military operational environment, gained knowledge about hazard exposure using EMS technology, expanded their knowledge of electronic warfare operations and measures to ensure effective use of EW systems. In addition, they acquired information on the application of electronic warfare principles in military decision-making processes.

In the current summer semester, spanning from 28 February to 30 June, 31 military and civilian students from 8 countries – Canada, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and Lithuania – study at the AWL.

text and photos: Zuzanna Stańczyk