Participation of the AWL delegation in a language conference in Slovenia

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On 5-7 April this year, a two-person delegation from the Department of Foreign Languages of the Military University of Land Forces participated in an international conference entitled Giving Meaning to Military Language devoted to military terminology, organised by the School of Foreign Languages at the Military Schools Centre of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia.
The aim of the conference was to facilitate the exchange of experience and to outline directions for further activities related to the development and implementation of military terminology. The first of these objectives was pursued not only at the international level but also included the identification of the need to deepen cooperation between the institutions developing the terminology and the entities responsible for its implementation and popularisation in military environments (including, in particular, military universities and training centres), also at the national level. The participation of representatives of NATO and national institutions responsible for the standardisation of military terminology, translators and teachers of English, as well as soldiers performing tasks crucial for the interoperability of allied forces, enabled a deep and multi-faceted presentation of the issues discussed.

The AWL delegation consisting of dr Aleksandra Knapik and mgr Jarosław Włodarczyk shared their own experiences, thoughts and research results in presentations entitled An Analysis of Military Discourse from the Perspective of Language Functions (dr Knapik) and Methods for Dealing with Lexical Gaps in Teaching Military English (mgr Włodarczyk).

Participation in conferences is one of the tasks carried out by the Department of Foreign Languages of the Military University of Land Forces. The objective is to improve the quality of education through the development of competencies, enrichment of knowledge and acquisition of experience by teachers, as well as to support educational institutions in friendly countries and promote the University by presenting its achievements.

text: mgr Jarosław Włodarczyk
photos: dr Aleksandra Knapik