Fulbright Specialist Program at AWL

On 9 - 26 July, within the framework of the "Fulbright Specialist Program", the Military Academy of Land Forces hosted a specialist from the USA, Dr. Michael Brown (University of Maryland).
The coordinator of AWL participation in the project as the hosting institution was the Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, DSc Eng. Adam Januszko, and the person responsible for its implementation was lt. Anna Wojaczek. The Department of International Cooperation and Social Communication actively participated in the organisation of the entire project.

The Fulbright Specialist Program is a short-term scientific and research exchange program aimed at deepening the cooperation between the Polish institutions and the scientists from the United States. It enables joint implementation of a project lasting from 2 to 6 weeks. A specialist's stay may be associated with, among other things, participation in conferences, conducting lectures or carrying out evaluations and preparing expert opinions. Detailed information can be found at: https://fulbright.edu.pl/specialist/.

While working on the project entitled "Management of air transport of strategic goods using IT support systems" carried out at AWL, the specialist participated in the preparation of the requirements specification for the system, and the creation of its prototype in order to test the solutions used for its creation.

Dr. Michael Brown also participated in meetings with the Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs and col PhD DSc Eng. Mariusz Frączek, who is responsible for studies in the field of Safety Engineering and the organisation of the Safety in Cyberspace specialisation. The specialist also had the opportunity to participate in the officer's promotion of the graduates of the Military University of Land Forces, which took place on 12 July this year in the Wrocław market square, and learn about the customs and the traditions of AWL.

During his visit, our Guest was presented with virtual and constructive simulation systems of the Department of Tactical Simulations, based on IT systems.

AWL is planning further participation in the Fulbright program.

Text: lt. Anna WOJACZEK