AWL officers train in an international environment

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Between 6 and 17 December 2021, two officers from the Military University of Land Forces participated in a two-week course at the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence in Slovenia.
The course comprised four parts: leadership, reconnaissance, survival and tactics. Topics were covered in the form of lectures and practical training sessions in a mountainous terrain in harsh winter conditions.

In the second week of the course, participants were given a battalion order of battle. By combining theory with practical sessions, students had the opportunity to prepare a concept of operations for a specific company.

Planning included a two-day reconnaissance of the Area of Operation in the Karawanks mountain range. The final phase of tactical planning consisted of briefings, during which individual groups discussed their operations.

Participation in such courses provides soldiers with an opportunity to update and expand their knowledge of operations in difficult terrain and harsh mountain environment in winter.

The course was attended by 22 participants from eight countries: Germany, the UK, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and the US. Participants included representatives of the AWL: Captain Wojciech Cholewka (Leadership Institute) and Lieutenant Michał Wojtyna (General Division).

Written by: Captain Wojciech Cholewka
Photos: Instructors from the NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence