AWL cadet at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean

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Cadet Sergeant Kornela Hanyż, studying at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean in Canada as part of an international semester, had the opportunity to take part in Blizzard Nordique activities in extremely cold temperatures.
Cadets were introduced to the techniques of pitching a 10-person tent and taught how to secure it against adverse weather conditions. As part of the training, they were also responsible for preparing rations and learned the basics of marching in snowshoes. The temperature during the two-day training was around -25 degrees C.

In order to go to partner universities for an international semester, the cadets had to go through a recruitment process. The basis for qualification was the sum of points received for: grade point average obtained for the period of studies preceding the exchange, TOEFL language exam results, place in the company ranking, recruitment interview, and points for additional criteria such as active engagement in student scientific clubs or student interest groups, awards received in the course of studies as well as engagement in the Erasmus+ programme and other international projects.

text and photos: Cadet Sergeant Kornela Hanyż, AWL