40FT HC Indoor Mobile Container Shooting Range

The shooting range is designed for shooting training at distances from 5 to 25 m with live ammunition and laser pointers.
The shooting zone of the container shooting range is made for shooting from a permanent and variable line of fire with centrefire and side-fire pistols and revolvers with calibres up to 11.43 mm, machine pistols with a calibre of up to 9 mm and carbines, calibre 5.56 mm (Beryl, Mini Beryl), with single fire (short bursts), using metal jackets and regular jacketed soft points with a soft core.
The container shooting range is a highly specialised mobile tool for firearm shooting training. It enables both preparatory shooting drills and also firing practice and operational firing. The complete container shooting range consists of two or more connected containers in which firearm training can be performed at a distance from 5 to 25 m from permanent and variable lines of fire. A very important advantage of the container range is the possibility of installing an interactive multimedia trainer for firearm training with live ammunition and laser replicas. Within the cadet training there is also an option of examination shooting as part of the BLOS (weapon, barrel, setting, trigger) course, level A, using the pistol and the carbine.