Second day of the Multiplier Event

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The 9th of November was the second day of the Multiplier Event dedicated to Strategic Partnership Project “International Military Leadership Academy” organized by Hellenic Army Academy.

The IMLA Team presented the project goals and objectives, organization of the project, as well as implementation of project goals in front of representatives of European military higher education institutions from 13 European countries. The second day of the IMLA Event was organized during the 40th Meeting of Implementation Group.

General information of the project was presented by Ms. Anna ZAMIAR-ZIÓŁKOWSKA, Project Coordinator.

Professor Ioannis RAGIES presented the goals and objectives of the Project and content of developed modules, and Dr. Sofia MENEZES gave to the audience brief information related to main activities as well thematic centers developing under the project umbrella.

The idea of the Project was highly evaluated by external experts from military higher education institutions as an essential for officer basic education systems in Europe.

Chairman of the Implementation Group informed the audience that, after the IG members review, all modules received the status of common which means that the content of each module has been fully recognized by military higher education institutions form Europe.

This is unquestionable success of the project in the middle of its duration, because of the fact, that all modules would be potentially implemented in the future in the national curricula of military academies in the EU and offered for international participants IV Transnational Project Meeting.