Workshops for teachers - Crisis Management in Athens

In IMLA Project, HAA was tasked with elaborating a Module/ Course on ‘’Crisis Management’’ within the broader framework of ‘’Military Leadership’’, main theme of this Project.
Crisis, here, is defined as a major unpredictable event that threatens to harm Armed Forces, as an organization, while, crisis leadership is applied when “a situation that threatens high priority goals, suddenly occurs with little or no response time available”.

It has been stated that what distinguishes military leadership from general leadership is not leadership itself but the context. The context that military leaders serve in is often referred to as dangerous or extreme, being defined as follows: ’’highly dynamic and unpredictable environments where leaders and group members must routinely engage in actions that place their physical and psychological well -being at risk to accomplish the organization’s objectives’’. Put it in another way, military leadership in extremis can be described as a situation “in which leaders or their followers are personally faced with highly dynamic and unpredictable situations and where the outcomes of leadership may result in severe physical or psychological injury (or death) to unit members”. In such situations, leaders (and subordinates) recognize that failure to perform their duties and accomplish the organization’s objectives can have catastrophic consequences not only for their organization, but also for the people it serves. Beyond solid and clear knowledge, leaders need also to develop and maintain advanced skills and competences on crisis management, to be applied when engaged in dangerous environments. Therefore, crisis leadership strategies, tactics and techniques need to be used in order to demonstrate a high- end ability to perform effective leadership in crisis and dangerous environments.

HAA Athens Workshop was concentrated on ‘’Crisis Management’’, topic, essentially, a combination of crisis management and leadership fields, producing the specific topic of ‘’Crisis Leadership’’. During this Workshop, HAA Instructors (Prof. A. Kastanis, Assoc. Professor K. Grivas, Assoc. Professor D. Panomitros and Assoc. Professor I. Ant. Ragies), presented Workshop themes, covering the whole spectrum of ‘’Crisis Leadership’’. More specifically, there was an overview and examination of theory, focusing on main (traditional and emerging) leadership theories, crisis management and crisis leadership, at, strategic, tactical and operational level. Then, there was an overview on crisis management and crisis leadership topics, covering current doctrinal aspects, trends and approaches. Then, main current challenges to military Command & Leadership were examined, as well as institutional approaches & prospects to crisis management and crisis leadership research and analysis (theoretical and empirical). Then, the issues of teaching crisis management /crisis leadership, as well as that of elaborating and developing skills & competences for military leaders, ware covered. Finally, selected case- studies on crisis management as being practised by leaders, were presented, concluding this Workshop.