Program of the International Military Leadership Academy - Intensive Course is ready

The Intensive Course is the main part of the Programme of the International Military Leadership Academy. Approximately 48 cadets, selected by each participating institution, will take part in this 86-hour Intensive Course. The course addresses the leadership competencies of young officers in the European Union countries. It intends to cover common knowledge, skills and competencies as part of young officer professional education.

Knowledge and understanding of cultural differences gained during joint activities and informal meetings will enable them to manage a team of soldiers from various European countries. Their education programme is designed to address current and future challenges as well as threats to global and national security. Moreover, the aim of the course is to develop a well-educated, trained, open-minded and effective military leader as well as a citizen of their respective nations and the European Union. The course is an opportunity to develop cultural awareness of cadets, which in the future will enable them to overcome cultural barriers that stand in the way of good cooperation in international military units.

We are very proud because the Program of International Military Leadership Academy - Intensive Course is ready. You can download it here.