My experiences with the Erasmus + program - Piotr Bodio

My experiences with the Erasmus + program are directly linked to the Czech officer school in Brno Universita Obrany.

During the semester I had the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Military Leadership.

After a few days of admission and acclimatization, we started regular program classes, which turned out to be interesting and fruitful in new experiences. For example, in Leadership classes conducted by experienced officers, we dealt with determining leader predispositions by analysing behaviours and various psychological tests, as well as performing tasks under time pressure. I also had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of military logistics within the subjects on which I worked on programs used in the optimization of logistics processes. During the classes we also coped with the analysis of such an important international humanitarian law, which applies to every soldier, so general knowledge in this field will certainly help in the future while participating in various international operations and exercises. The lecturers shared with us knowledge about the logistic security of tactical operations and familiarized us with the military equipment of the Czech army, which is used to perform these tasks. We had the opportunity to learn specialized vocabulary in the field of technical support and service of military equipment. As part of another subject, we analysed documents of engineering support applicable in NATO structures, which allowed us to develop skills in the field of "mind-mapping".

The great advantages of the education program certainly belonged to the English Language, which was run at a very high level by a lecturer who is a "native speaker" - an American who also prepares Czech cadets for language examinations. The lecturer allowed us to approach the language exam according to STANAG standards, which was a summary of our hard work within this subject. The ability to communicate fluently in an international language such as English significantly raises command qualifications in contact with other nations. This is a big advantage of international programs and education in another country, apart from learning about culture and new ways of leadership thinking drawn from the experience of others.

If I have the opportunity to continue learning in this way, I will certainly use it, because it is a unique opportunity to know and see more.