What is like to study at the Military Academy in Greece? - Cadet Mateusz Marszałek

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International exchange in Greece, students from Poland, Romania, Greece, and rotationally weekly officers from the Italian army formed two international platoons.

Following the rules of life at the Hellenic Army Academia, cadets had the opportunity to learn about the functioning and everyday order of the Greek cadets participating in roll call and various types of activities and trips. In physical education classes, they have contact with classes at the Olympic pool, a physical fitness center different from the one known to us from the MULF, running training on a 400-meter track and a gym. They are also subjected to physical education tests according to HAA standards.

In addition, daily lectures on which students create international groups allow you to exchange experiences and get to know the culture and training in foreign universities.

Leadership was a great experience, where cadets were tasked with analyzing the situation, presenting their intentions of action and a combat order, in order to jointly carry out the developed scenario.

HAA provides weekend trips about Greek history and culture. The first trip was connected with the 190th anniversary of the creation of the Hellenic Army Academy in Nafplion, students had the opportunity to visit the city, which was the first capital of a modern Greek state, a visit to the Museum of the City and the Museum of the Army intermingling in the original school building.

On the next weekend, students had the opportunity to visit the Acropolis, the most important point in Athens, the hill where the most important temple, Athens. The Acropolis as the meeting place of ancient Athens was the cradle of the birth of ancient culture and democracy. In addition to the hill, students visited the museum of the Parthenon with collections of ancient artefacts associated with the Parthenon.

The HAA has a high level of education. Each week concerned a different section of military knowledge material summarized by the final exam.