Semester at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania Cadet Kamil Gromadziński

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I had the invaluable pleasure to participate in the foreign semester together with students from other partner countries in a General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. During this three months of common subjects I had possibility to observe how Lithuanian cadets are trained and educated. The most interesting for me was training leadership skills so I tried to have a butcher’s at that kind of science.

Despite numerous classes as part of the foreign semester as an observer from the other side I noticed that Lithuanian academy offers courses of military ethics and moral principles. The participants are able to acquire theoretical knowledge of ethics and its application in the military task fulfillment.

Main teaching method used during the course was group work. Officers’ knowledge was tested and assessed in accordance with the principal teaching areas and separate subjects. The assessment was carried out by summarizing test results, individual and group tasks. Groups formed from participants were performing tasks in different teaching areas. While fulfilling the tasks, every participant was able to evaluate and analyze various situations, express opinion and suggest possible solutions.

Nowadays, its meaningful to develop a skills connected with being “leader” in military issues. Each of the places and lecturers can provide us with interesting new aspects and inspirations about that science. It depends only on us whether we will be willing to use it and if that knowledge will pay off in future work.