FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - ENG

 1. How can I become an Erasmus+ Student? What does the recruitment process look like? 
We need an official nomination from your home university (we do not accept students who were not nominated by any university). Check whether your institution has signed a bilateral agreement with WSU. Only then we can send you the link to the registration in our online system – Mobility Online. On our platform you will complete specific steps and find necessary documents (including Learning Agreement).
2. What and how many courses can I choose? 
We offer two modules: SECURITY SCIENCE and MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, both consist of 11 mandatory courses. If you decide to choose a particular module, you have to choose all 11 courses included in it. You cannot mix courses from different modules. 
3. Do you offer an accommodation? 
Yes, we have available rooms in our dormitory. To apply for a place in the dormitory, you have to fill in the document called Accommodation Form – you can find it on Mobility Online. We offer double rooms with common bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Place in a double room costs 430 PLN per month.
4. Can I do my internships under Erasmus+ Programme at WSU? 
As with studies, we need an official nomination sent by the Erasmus Coordinator from your university.  We require a bilateral agreement between WSU and your institution! You can do your internships in Erasmus Office helping us with our work as well as in other units at WSU, in accordance with your LA. We accept students for internships during the academic year and during summer holidays.
In addition, during the academic year, trainees attend Polish language and PE classes as well as take part in all cultural events and trips organised for international students.
5. Do I need a visa? 
Poland is a member of the EU, so if you come from an EU country you do not need to apply for a visa. Students outside the EU, for instance from Turkey, have to apply for a visa to stay in Poland. In order to learn more, contact the Polish consulate in your county.
6. What insurance is required? 
For EU countries – European Health Insurance Card
Countries outside the EU – private health insurance
7. Do you organise Orientation Week? 
Yes. The first week of your stay at WSU is called Orientation Week. We organise informational and socialising meetings, visit museums and explore Warsaw. During this week you will meet the staff of Erasmus Office, polish students who will be your mentors, you will see the campus and learn the rules applied at our university. Throughout the semester we organise trips to other Polish cities and various cultural events, for instance Erasmus Day, Christmas Party and International Night. It is important for us to familiarise you with Polish culture and tradition during your stay in Warsaw.
8. Do you have Buddy Programme/ mentors? 
Yes. Our student association – International Student Network – will help you in every aspect of your stay in Poland. Your mentor will be assigned to you before your arrival and will support you throughout the whole semester.
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9. What is the official ERASMUS Code of WSU Warsaw?
10. Who can I contact with in case of further questions? 
You will find the information in CONTACT section on our website.